Biophoton Therapy


Living cells emit light in the form of photons. This light emanates from the core of each living cell. Research shows this light is a part of the “steering system” that governs the life of all cells in our body. The quality of this light reflects the condition of the cells of the tissues, organs, and glands. Biophotons which are measured as being coherent, or “harmonious,” indicate health in the organism. Conversely, the light measures as being “chaotic” or dissonant when diseased or influenced by a disruptive organism (bacteria, virus, etc.) or influence.
Biophoton scan  - New Harmony Wellness


A medical device developed by Johan Boswinkel, called the Chiren, assess through acupuncture points, to determine where in the body’s system disharmony is located. An image showing how the biophoton emission increases with injury to a body part. The Chiren enables a practitioner to assess the resonance of the disharmony causing the disease. The body is then treated by inverting the light wave pattern for the disease or microorganism, while at the same time augmenting the healthy, coherent light from ones own body. This neutralizes the illness and can lead to profound healing. This system builds beautifully on acupuncture and the integrative health care we’ve always offered at New Harmony Center. If you’d like to learn more about this promising new healing modality, please read the article “Standing in the Light,” published in the July 2011 issue of Ode Magazine. (The original article can be downloaded here: Ode 0711US Boswinkel.)


Biophoton Therapy shows potential to significantly benefit patients with a wide range of conditions and has been shown to be effective at supporting the healing of: GI related illnesses, whiplash, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, Lyme, Leukemia, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, herpes, allergies, nose and throat polyps, anxiety and other psychological problems, dyslexia, glaucoma, gallstones, leukaemia, migraines, menopause, prostate problems, whiplash, etc.


We are one of the first healing centers in New England to develop Biophoton Therapy as a specialty. As an established Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine practice, we routinely make significant impact helping to heal many challenging conditions. BioPhoton Therapy has demonstrated it can effectively treat the same health issues, sometimes in fewer visits. We’re committed to helping patients achieve both profound healing and a significant savings of time and money.
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