Integrative Medicine


Integrative medicine is an approach to care that seeks to integrate the best of Western scientific medicine with the ancient knowledge and practice of Oriental Medicine. We work closely with your physicians to better craft optimal paths to healing and maintaining wellness for our patients.

The idea is to offer patients the best of traditional Western medicine in complement to therapies that have and are proving effective in maintaining health. In it’s most basic expression in the medical system, medical institutions are providing support for lifestyle changes and emphasizing a more patient centered and compassionate healing relationship between patients and their caregivers. Where the skills and expertise of wellness oriented medicine practitioners, which historically have been alternative, or complementary, are collaborating with Western physicians greater efficacy is seen for the wellness of the patient.

At New Harmony Center we see the patient as the “hub of the wheel” and the various practitioners the patient is seeing as at the end of the spokes. As your practitioners one aspect of our service to you is to create the tire tread that gives traction to the patient’s healing.

In serving the patient as whole person – mind, body, and spirit – we’ll collaborate with any person needed to help bring our patients to a lifestyle of wellness.

This is a powerful approach to an individual’s total wellness, combining care plans from your primary care physician and your personalized care plan from New Harmony Wellness Center. On the one hand it is an East meets West approach to wellness, on the other it recognizes the many players that can play a roll in a patient’s wellness team, with the individual as a whole in the center of the circle, in support of their vibrant health and longevity. A patient’s medical care is increased using this multi-pronged approach, upping the level of care and healing opportunities. Often we prevent surgery and reduce the reliance on prescriptions, avoiding side effects of medication.

This care modality means you do not have to choose one path to wellness over another. We can work with your primary care doctor and any specialists you may be working with already to round out your treatment. We give you the tools and provide therapeutic treatments that treat the whole person, including your lifestyle and family, not just acute symptoms.

The framework for optimal wellness is already within you!

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