Kitchen Therapy & Nutrition


Nutrition provides the building blocks we need to sustain life at our maximum potential. Our bodies cannot digest most of the foods we traditionally consume in the Standard American Diet (SAD). In fact, most of the food we consume actually depletes our bodies of the nutrients we need to go through life. Kitchen therapy is a practice which reveals the benefits of whole foods. It allows one to embrace the beauty of farm fresh vegetables and clean diets. It will help achieve alkalinity in the body, creating a place of health within, rather than a place that fosters disease. It’s the practice learning how to be kind to ourselves through simple and delicious culinary art. Kitchen therapy builds a positive, individualistic relationship with our food, our community, and ourselves. The framework for optimal wellness is already within you!


As a client you will become your own kitchen guru. By learning how to select and prepare healthy, whole foods while eliminating foods that detract from health, clients may lose weight, lower their cholesterol, even stop or reverse the advancement of disease. Your mind will become clearer and your body a more efficient machine, helping you live a better life. Technique and preparation are key to sustain a healthy lifestyle. You will build confidence and skills in navigating the farmer’s market, grocery store, and your own kitchen. We will learn how to build flavor and create delicious meals even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. You will focus your energy on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, farm raised meats and eggs, and wild caught fish, and the many ways you can prepare them so they are tasteful, yet still full of life. We will even meet our local farmers when possible! Schedule a free consultation at New Harmony Wellness and become inspired as you transition from one lifestyle to another.
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