Healthy Medicine Cabinet


Clear out the Claritin, root out the Robitussin, toss out the Tylenol! Are you tired of filling your medicine cabinet with over-the-counter drugs that may address a symptom but not your overall wellness? Learn how to substitute what’s in your medicine cabinet with health promoting Chinese herbal medicines that are both safe and effective. Click here to download our Healthy Medicine Cabinet booklet that introduces these formulas from Chinese medicine. For more thorough introduction please sign up for our email list (upper right of this page) so you can learn about our next Medicine Cabinet Makeover Workshop. The framework for optimal wellness is already within you!

Herbal Medicine Kit

Designed to prevent cold & flu viruses from settling in and treat the common yet miserable symptoms like: Stuffy Nose – Aching body – Fever – Soar Throat – Coughing COST: Large Kits –$158.54 ($40 savings) Small Kits – $110.36 ($30 savings)
Why suffer through the cold and flu season or with common maladies when these time and tested herbs are readily available and proven effective at prevention and treatment. Do you work around a lot of people in an office with little to no ventilation? Worry about what kind of viruses the kids will bring home from school this year? Have a tendency to catch every cold or bug that goes around? Don’t wait until the first sneeze hits your household, STOCK UP NOW on the basic natural essentials for cold & flu prevention! We made it SIMPLE for you. Contact us & pick up a pre-made, ready to go, herbal remedy kits created by Dr. Bryn himself, OR individual herbal formulas to bolster your immune system.
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