New Harmony Center: Responding & Re-envisioning

Like all of you, we at New Harmony Center are concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the health of people and communities here in Massachusetts and around the world. We are pulling together our diverse knowledges to create an innovative series of offerings that can increase your immunity to disease. We observe a great opportunity as the pandemic exposes the weaknesses in our bodies and in the way we manage health systems in our community. New Harmony Center is part of a vision to create wellness in a broader sense, that will sustain us all far beyond this current situation. We know health and healing is an integral part of individual and community wellness, and a foundation of our shared future. We invite you to participate!

We have several new offerings you can take advantage of, whether you’re interested in boosting your immunity, or improving your wellness, so your body can carry you through the joys and challenges of life, over the long term. Watch our newsletter for announcements.

As we practice physical distancing, we are creating social connection and wellness online in the following ways:

Herbal medicine:

Chinese herbal medicine contains a wealth of knowledge over 2,000 years old that treats hundreds of diverse medical conditions in the body, including viruses. We’ve developed a Healthy Medicine Cabinet kit to share some of this wisdom, so you can learn how to put some effective remedies into practice.

Custom herbal formulations

The true art of Chinese herbal medicine is to formulate unique prescriptions to help the body resolve any particular condition. We combine formulas and supplements to match the body’s healing needs. We drop ship orders directly to you, or arrange for pick up at New Harmony Center.

Tele-health appointments

We offer telehealth appointments via Zoom or another interface. Our goal is to collect the diagnostic information we need to create customized herbal and supplement strategies for your body’s needs. We also perform nutritional consults with you so you can learn how food choices can achieve greater health and wellbeing. Herbalist or nutritional consultation sessions can range from thirty minutes to an hour depending on your needs.

New Harmony Herbal Pharmacy Shelf

Mental and Spiritual Wellness

An important ingredient for a healthy immune system is our overall integrated wellness, including the health of our minds and bodies. New Harmony will be offering online yoga classes and meditation instruction targeted to help you maintain balance, mindfulness, and better freedom of movement in your body to boost your overall wellness. We’re also developing classes that explore how spiritual alignment guides our ability to heal.

Spring Classes: Self Care is the Best Health Care

Classes we were planning before the spread of the coronavirus, we think are even more appropriate now. Subjects include:

What the Heck is Self Care? – BreAnna Guan

Healthy Medicine Cabinet: Supporting Healthy Immunity – Bryn Clark, Eric Brooks and BreAnna Guan

Moxibustion and Self Massage for Optimal Wellness – Bryn Clark and Eric Brooks

What’s a Healthy Home Assessment? – Bryce Boyer

Yoga practices for Self Care – Eric Brooks

Stay tuned for the dates and times to join us online for this series packed with powerful self-care information!