Thai Yoga Massage & Shiatsu Bodywork


Shiatsu is a therapeutic Japanese healing modality that has its roots in 5000-year-old Eastern medical massage practices. It uses acupressure, passive stretching and joint mobilization to create a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating balance in the body’s energy system. Shiatsu uses thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees to apply comfortable pressure along the meridian pathways to clear blockages and nourish depletion. Some describe the stretching and mobilization in shiatsu like receiving a gentle yoga class while you nap and dream. This dynamic form of treatment allows the receiver to fall into a deep sense of their own well-being. Each session is custom tailored to the client’s goals as well as the body’s needs as assessed in the hara at the start of every treatment.

Shiatsu helps relieve symptoms of a number of health concerns including musculo-skeletal issues, sciatica, women’s health, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, low energy, anxiety, headaches, injury rehabilitation and more. Clients receive shiatsu in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing on a futon.

This outline serves to illuminate the general terrain of what a treatment looks like, but the real experience of shiatsu is beyond any ordinary description. Many express that their lives have changed in profound and healing ways as a result of continued treatment. Some describe that shiatsu reorients their entire worldview, offers their spirit ease and a sense of home, sheds old patterns and leaves more room for their talents to shine, creates a safe space to authentically experience their own integrity, and brings deep acceptance to their nature as it is. Some even say they feel closer to enlightenment. It is difficult to verbalize the mystery of what happens in each unique session. Try for yourself and find what gems shiatsu holds for you.

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