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“Our Treatment Process”

Consultation & Assessment

We bring compassionate and focused attention to do a full assessment of the health condition a patient brings.  Diagnostic methods are used from both eastern and western traditions to develop optimum strategies for healing.  Our aim is to develop treatment strategies to help a patient move toward thriving wellness.  To do this we’ll use both treatment modalities we specialize in at New Harmony Center, and we may use or develop strategic collaborative relationships with medical or psychological professionals outside the Center.

Treatment Stage

Treatment is designed to engender healing outcomes we define together with the patient.  Treatment is a process requiring partnership between practitioner and patient. For many, starting with an acute condition, we work quickly to engender healing change so the patient is symptom free.  We start with weekly treatments for most (some may require 2-3 treatments per week).  The initial goal being to be symptom free for the week between treatments.  Then we space treatment out further, while maintaining healing progress, until treatment is once a month, or once every 6 weeks.

Deep Healing

We focus on creating the most complete healing possible for each patient.  If healing is a journey, we are honored to be guides through territories one must pass through.  As obstacles are to be overcome, we explore catalysts to achieve your success in healing.  Achieving full thriving wellness, optimal performance for athletes, is our strength.

Lifestyle & Wellness

A journey toward healing often uncovers areas in our lives which no longer serve us. Optimizing changes in one’s lifestyle can be a joyful outcome of a patient’s work with us.  The potential is deeper satisfactions in every area life.  If longevity is a goal, developing skillful means of living is an important part of healing. One’s diet, for example, is a choice we make three times a day toward our healing and longevity.  Engage our Kitchen Therapy program and receive “training” designed individually for your greatest health potential.